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I am disgusted

Published November 11, 2015 by It's me!

Ok. I have sat here quietly. I am done being quiet. I am so frustrated by the idiocy. Since when is removing a snowflake or a reindeer from a cup considered a hatred of Christmas? Christians are being told to go into Starbucks and tell their barista that their name is Merry Christmas so that the words come out of the barista’s mouth, thereby bringing Christmas “back” to Starbucks.
1) Christmas has never been mentioned on a Starbucks cup. #itisjustacup
2) Starbucks never declared a #waronChristmas someone trying to cause a “stir” (pun intended for humor purposes) declared a #waronStarbucks
3) If it is THAT much of an issue, why go into Starbucks to purchase a drink at all? Just stay out! Don’t give them your money if you have a problem with them.
4) Some Christians wonder why we are looked at as psychos. THIS IS WHY!!!!!!! I am tired of being looked at negatively because others feel the need to start problems. #iamproudtobeachristian
5) If the design of a cup is what a Christian is worried about, they need to take a good, long look around. We have homeless children and adults needing help. There are countless people that need psychological help, both veterans and civilians, that aren’t receiving it, and it is leading to suicides across the country.
There is so much that needs to be addressed in this country that is far more important than a piece of recycled cardboard. Grow up, wake up, and tackle the issues that need to be tackled. Don’t be so up in arms about something that someone made up to fit their own agenda.